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Feb, 2018


UX/UI Design

About The Project

Remote Lands is the world’s foremost bespoke travel designer focused exclusively on Asia. They provide the very finest that Asia has to offer, from pool villas and private jets to unique experiences among far-flung cultures off the beaten path. The attention to detail, personalized service, creativity and deep knowledge of Asia set us apart.

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My role on the project

I collaborated with the lead UX designer and the sole UI designer. I was responsible for analyzing the user journey/explore, creating prototyping and determining the overall design.


The client want to ‘reimagine’ initially the website to be more visual, smarter and more optimised to convert, to cater to various consumer types, to communicate brand value propositions, and to position them as the experts.

Research methods

Customer interviews


Marketing competitor analysis

Prototyping and Testing

I have made the low – fidelity prototype in UX Pin, this help we find the design issue early



UX design goes beyond aesthetics and making things look nice. It’s about solving users’ problems.

The most important concept I have learned throughout my analysis is the importance of creating brand value positions. Remote Lands has the capacity to capture their target audience by focusing on high-value customers in the marketplace, understanding their needs and expectations, and showing users how easy it is to obtain services from travel agency experts with zero worries.