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7- Lotto Application Design


I lead UX design and UI
Design on the app


K. Beer

my role

UX Design / UI Design

Project Goal

We wanted to reduce user barriers to entry. Given the nature of the lottery in Bangkok, sellers are sales on the street and the shop but we want to let them know how easy to sell in the application instead.

Using good design and UX, we wanted to shift perceptions associated with lottery and it’s users. Lottery use is associated with messy design, and we create a simple design and navigation pattern that would appeal to a seller and buyer, the design still keep the strong color (red and yellow) is to make the perception of the luck and joy.







Research methods

Customer interviews

Customer journey

Market research analysis

Prototype testing

Information Architecture


Problem statement:

The main users are the user who has the low-technology trait so we tried to understand them, from my research found Five Traits of Low-literacy Technology Users

1. Low-literacy is Not Just an Inability to Read

2. Low-literate Users Are Scared and Skeptical of Tech

3. They Are One of Multiple Users

4. They Are Divided by Gender

5. They Are Motivated (Which Can Trump Bad UI)



The seller:

Understanding the user with low technology


The buyer:

Understanding the buyer in terms of to make them trust buying thing online and identify the right to access to their lottery

More to come…(editing in progress)