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I am a UX/UI Design on the app


7 Lotto

my role

UX Design / UI Design

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What is 7 Lotto?

7 Lotto is the best online platform for lottery seller and buyer in Thailand.

Project Goal

We wanted to reduce user barriers to entry. Given the nature of the lottery in Bangkok, sellers are sales on the street and the shop but we want to let them know how easy to sell in the application instead.

Using good design and UX, we wanted to shift perceptions associated with lottery and it’s users. Lottery use is associated with messy design, and we create a simple design and navigation pattern that would appeal to a seller and buyer, the design still keep the strong color (red and yellow) is to make the perception of the luck and joy.


Now I will go through the process of how we discovered the problem, the main takeaways from the process we used to frame and how we segmented our ideas and solutions to the problem. We have devided the user into Buyer and Seller because they both have the different problem statement so that we can focuses on user needs, expectations, and goals.

Research methods

Customer interviews

Market research analysis


Prototype testing

Understanding the user


Key focus areas:

The main users are the user who has the low-technology trait so to try to understand them, from my research I found Low-Literate Users trait Further, What this means is that they are scared of touching the tech for fear of breaking it, Further, even if they don’t break it, they might be seen as not knowing how to use it, causing embarrassment. 


Lower literacy is different than illiteracy: people with lower literacy can read, but they have difficulties doing so.

_____   Lower-Literacy Users: Characteristics: Jakob Nielsen 


Low-literate users can lack awareness of what digital can deliver, mistrust the technology and doubt that it holds information relevant to their lives.

Problem Solving:

For the lottery sellers in Thailand can be divided into two categories, first is the main seller target is the wholesales market and second is the retailer store or local shop


Main focus: Wholesales market 

The lottery business in Thailand has the center of the market located all around Bangkok and other main cities, these can be wholesale for spread out the lottery to the retailer shops or local shops, the wholesales shops are having the variety of the education and the profession to use the smartphone, so that’s why we can focus on them first by education them how to use the app, by doing so we are building the trust for them which we believe it will affect to the retailer.

Next focus: Retailer / Local shop 

After we educated the wholesales market, they will be expanding the knowledge to their customer which is retailers, with trust that they have been connecting each other so this won’t be difficult.



Key focus areas:

The nature of buying lottery ticket, the buyers will have the number that they want in mind or they have no idea what is the number they will go for, anyway both cases is the main problem that a lot of times they can’t find the number that they want and the sellers don’t know what to do so the buyers will just change to find other shops.


Users (Buyers and Sellers) want to have a tool that helps selling products or making purchases easier. Having these tools gives them more time to do other things with their time, namely staying healthy and earning passive income from selling lottery tickets.

Ideate and Sketch

Prototype Low Fidelity

Final Design

More to come…(editing in progress)